Tuesday, 29 March 2011

moments before disaster

A bit of Dutch seaside fun.
Shot in Zandvoort.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Am I a graphic designer?

I know I said I was done posting Rotterdam work, but....but...I went to Ceramics to pick up my work...and here we go, cant help it.
My little black flower (which was supposed to be mainly red with a bit of black), the bowl (which from now on will be my favourite cereal bowl) and my (sniff) broken dead flower which came out in a very strange colour.
I am wondering whether taking a gap half-year and doing ceramics in Rotterdam is not an option :p
But really now, am I a graphic designer? Hmm...

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Rotterdam retrospective - over and out.

Hm. There wasnt much graphic design in there...
Anyway. Postcard.

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Pumpkin! Love it! (it took a couple of days to make, i guess i should love it)

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Sea Creature Vase

It needs a name....

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Figure - Painting Project

Oil on canvas.
I was very proud when I finally finished this, and then my flatmate walked in and told me it looked like a horror film poster. Great.

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Identity project - Drawing

Brief: Draw your objective and subjective self.
The first set is a drawing traced from a photo, exact proportions.
The second set, how my brother seems to see me. ("Do something about your hair!" "San! Your moustache! Seriously!" "You know one of your eyes is bigger than the other?")

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RIP Paul

I'm going through the work i did while i was in Rotterdam on my exchange.
(now that my blog looks somewhat more decent, i actually feel like posting :p )

Meet Paul, the psychic octopus, sanctified and forever worshipped.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

YES! my greatest technological achievement so far....got it on white! :p


the ones which never made it online.
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Sandra Berghianu studied BA Graphic Design in Camberwell College of Art and is currently on the MA Art & Science course in CSM, London. Fascinated by organic structures and the natural world, Sandra Berghianu’s work often explores scientific subjects, such as biology and chemistry. She is interested in conveying the complex information offered by these subjects in a visually appealing way, remedying the dryness of scientific visuals and information. Sandra has a natural preference for the handmade, and she often chooses this over a sleek designed look. Sandra also has a love for the physical, thus preferring to produce print or 3D work as opposed to purely digital work. Sandra’s ultimate goal is to recreate her passion and understanding for science in other people, using non-traditional and handmade techniques to convey the information.